When two spouses divorce, and there are children involved, one of the biggest concerns is their welfare. In such cases, it will be determined child support, which constitutes the payment one or both parents will make to help with the costs of raising the children.

Child support generally includes an established base amount, medical care and child care. If the couple never married formally, it is necessary to prove the paternity of the minors to receive support from the couple. An experienced family lawyer will help you complete all the requirements you need to request support.

The child support obligation usually ends when they reach the age of majority, but there are different cases, such as when the child still attends high school. At Octavia Legal Associates, we analyze your particular case and help you determine if your children still have support, to protect their welfare at all times.

How much does child support correspond?

The amount of support is determined according to the laws of the state where the family is located. However, the following factors are taken into account:

o   Parental income

o   Number of children

o   Child custody

o   Health care expenses

o   Care expenses

o   Other factors

Child support agreements

The spouses can also agree on the amount of child support that will correspond to each one. At the time of finalizing the divorce, the Court will consider the said agreement, although it is not obliged to approve it if it considers that the decision taken is unfair or inadequate.

The advice of a good family lawyer can be the difference between getting the support you want for your children or not. We have the experience to guide you and negotiate for you until you get a fair and approved support agreement for your children.