At the end of a marriage relationship, two things can happen: the spouses carry out their divorce on equal terms and respecting the terms proposed by the other or, on the other hand, disagree on each other’s term, which is known as contentious divorce.

Among the issues that may come into conflict, we have the division of property, child custody, child support, visiting regime, and many others. In all cases, the best option is to reach an agreement between the spouses; but for those difficult cases, having the help of a lawyer helps you protect your interests.

Divorce Effects

Apart from the serious emotional effects, this process entails, on the legal side, some of the main effects of divorce are:

o   Dissolution of the marriage bond

o   Granting custody of children to both or one or another spouse

o   Attribution of family domicile to minor children or children and spouse who obtains custody

o   Change of marital status of spouses, which allows them to get a new marriage

o   Separation of assets shared by spouses

o   Liquidation of the matrimonial property regime

o   Loss of inheritance rights between spouses

o   Percent reduction of widow’s pension

As for a contentious divorce, the effects can be highly damaging to you if you do not have the proper advice. An expert lawyer in contentious divorces will help you to negotiate your options properly, trying that the outcome of the case does not negatively affect your life.

How long does a contentious divorce take?

When your divorce process becomes contentious, the number of procedures and requirements you need to carry it out increases, which in turn extends the term and cost of the process. Our highly trained attorneys can represent your case and understand your situation, giving you the advice you need to complete the process in the shortest time possible. ¡Contact us now, and stop worrying about the negative effects that divorce can have on your life!