Generally, in the family world, problems can occur after the divorce is final. These types of matters are known as post-marital matters and may include the modification of child support, alimony, visits, or custody.

When is it necessary to modify a final order?

You can modify a final order when there has been a material and substantial change in the circumstances that involve the welfare of the children. Such circumstances may include the following:

o One of the parents has decided to move because of work

o There is a substantial increase or decrease in the income of the father who covers child support

o The father has criminal behavior after a final order

o A fact changes the children´s needs

Having a lawyer with experience in divorce modifications will allow you to defend your rights and impute in cases where such modifications do not proceed due to wrong circumstances. At Octavia Legal Associates, we will advise you on any questions you have, and we will represent your case to find the best possible solution for you.

Execution of a court order

There are cases in which there is a breach by one of the parties as agreed, and it is necessary to file a court order with a judge. Among these cases, we can mention the following:

o The parent who was ordered to pay child support stops making child support payments.

o The spouse who was ordered to pay support stops making alimony payments.

o Some of the parties do not transfer the property that was ordered to be transferred to another party.

o Some of the parties do not comply with the custody and visitation provisions of children of a final order.

For post-marital modifications or enforcement procedures, you must contact an experienced divorce and family lawyer who will properly advise you on what your rights are and what alternatives you have. We will provide specialized care in your case to protect your interest and that of your children at all times.