A no-fault divorce is a type of divorce where the party requesting it does not need to prove that the other spouse has committed a serious fault for which the divorce is. For this type of divorce, the procedure is usually simple and peaceful since neither party has to prove the guilt of the other.

Our divorce lawyers will be in charge of guiding you into a quick and easy process. With an analysis of your case, we will advise you on the steps to follow, the necessary documents and the updates that arise in your case.

Reasons for a no-fault divorce

o There are irreconcilable differences between spouses, that is, both people can no longer get along, and there is no possibility that this marriage can be saved.

o There is no compatibility, so your life is affected since you cannot live positively with the spouse.

o Prolonged separation of the spouses, the couple has been separated for a certain period.

To be able to file for a divorce without fault, you must be married for at least six months. If you want to know all the requirements that you must meet to request a divorce without fault, contact our marriage lawyers to clarify any of your doubts.