A protection/ restriction order is a document issued by a court and signed by a judge to protect a person from harassment or abuse. The judge can thus establish limits on the behavior of the couple or the aggressor, including:

o End couple abuse towards you and your children.

o Force your ex partner to get away from your home, your workplace and your family.

o Prohibit your ex partner contact with you, including phone calls, letters, emails or messages through other people.

o Keep your ex partner away from your children, your babysitter, your nursery or your school.

o Decide issues related to custody, visits and child support.

o Order the abuser to pay for expenses related to the abuse, such as medical care and property damage.

o Decide on the division of certain types of personal property.

o Recommend or require your ex partner to attend a program for aggressors.

If you or your children are victims of physical, psychological, or sexual abuse, harassment or harassment, violence, the threat of kidnapping, stalking, or other criminal acts, our experts in protection/restriction orders can help you request the order in court.

Benefits of having a order of protection

Although a protection/restriction order cannot guarantee your safety at all, there are ways it can help:

o The police are likely to take your calls more seriously if you have a protection order.

o Your ex partner can be arrested if he or she violates a protection order.

o If you have left your home, the police can accompany you to your home to find your personal belongings.

o Your ex partner cannot harass you at work.

o It can be established who has custody of the minor children that you and your couple  have in common.

Having a protection/restriction order will allow you to regain control of your life. Our family lawyers will help you with all the requirements and evidence you need for the court to approve your request.