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Many immigrants wish to enjoy the rights and privileges offered by a temporary/permanent residence in the US. One of the ways to achieve this is through corporate immigration policies.

The process of applying for a work visa can be complex since it has numerous considerations and criteria that must be taken into account if you want your application to be approved. At Octavia Legal Associates, our business immigration lawyers can advise and guide you throughout the process to get the best result for you.

How to know if you are eligible to apply for a work visa?

Not everyone is eligible to apply for a work visa in the US. You can apply for a permanent residence based on employment if you:

o   You have an opportunity to work permanently in the country.

o   There is an employer in the US. to sponsor your residence

o   You have some extraordinary ability in your field of work

o   You are an immigrant investor

Types of work visa

There are different types of visas, whose privileges vary depending on the reason for which they are granted. The immigrant needs to apply for a work visa according to his objectives as an employee and those of the company that will hire him.

The types of work visas vary that can be requested the following:

o  Temporary work visas: Granted to those people who are not citizens, nor do they permanently reside in the country but plan to stay temporarily in the country for work reasons.

o  Permanent visas based on employment: Granted to immigrants who are permanent residents in the country and have a formal job offer from a company in the US.

Both types of work visas are subdivided according to the requirements they request and the privileges they grant. At Octavia Legal Associates, you will have lawyers specialized in business immigration able to answer any of your questions and represent your case. Contact us now and get the advice you need!